Sunday, November 22, 2009

Binki the Orangutan is ready!

Meet sweet Binki! She is the twin to the other little Orangutan I put together for my Grand daughter for Christmas.

These little "tans" are just as cute as can be and I can't wait until Christmas! My grand daughter is going to love them!

~Nursery Notes~

I had a very busy weekend and completed a lot of odd tasks. I even got some mohair colored and hope to get it listed for sale today.

I am so anxious to show you my new AA boy! Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. He was waiting for a new body.

~This week in the Nursery~

Today and tomorrow will find me listing mohair, putting that new baby boy together, starting a new baby for IDEX and also working on a special Christmas offering.

Tuesday will find me cleaning the house for our caretakers stay as we will be traveling to see family over Thanksgiving. The nursery and the blog will be closed from Wednesday through Saturday. That means NO Friday Funnies this week :(

Have a great day!