Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Warm wash fix on baby Jena

I made this portrait baby of my grand-daughter, Jena, years ago.

The sculpt is an Antonio Juan "Lillian" doll.  The vinyl was horrible to work with as it was a dark orangish-brown.

She photographs VERY well but in some lights, she just looked "cold" and pale.

And of course, since she photographs so well, you cannot see it really well but look at the lighter parts of her forehead.  You can see it there. 

Here is what I did to her.  
I took her apart and applied a warm color wash. 
I mixed up even amounts of brown, red and yellow ochre, of course along with Ultra Matte Gel and water.

I applied it wet with a mop brush then pounced with wedges.

On some places on her face, I did two layers but later found out that on the center part her face (nose, upper cheeks and around her eyes) she was too warm and looked a little orange so I did a purple wash in that area.  That fixed the problem.

Here she is now.  Look again at what were the lighter spots on her forehead.  They are no longer cool and pale looking but rather warm and flesh-looking.
It's subtle but to me, made a big difference in her overall.  

I am very pleased! 

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