Friday, November 29, 2013

Sharing my collection Friday~New baby!

I gave you a little peek the other day of a new girl that has joined my collection.
Let me tell you about her.

She is the new "Crystal" sculpt from Bountiful Baby.

She was reborn by a young and up and coming artist, and I was so drawn to her!
Having just turned 14, she did an awesome job on this, her second baby.
Her paint application is very, very good and her body balance is wonderful!
It is rare that I receive a doll that I have to change the weight on.  
I will probably give her a longer body but her weight is great!

I have named her after her young artist, Madison  :)
I took her pictures with my camera in manual mode  :)

 Her nails are simply terrific for a beginner.

 Her yellow highlights are a bit rich but the placement of them are just right   :)
LOOK at her beautiful brows and dainty lashes!!!
And those lips!  What a beautiful job Madison did.
I am very drawn to this baby.  She makes me smile.  I have to pick her up often.

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