Saturday, November 2, 2013

Sharing my collection...SATURDAY! What happened to Friday?!?!?

I knew I was forgetting something yesterday!  
But with my husbands brother-in-law and nephew coming into town I was eager to clean the house and prepare for them.  

I also ended up visiting our youngest daughter and youngest grandson, Jack, yesterday for much longer than I expected.  Yes, he's got this grandma's heart wrapped tightly around his little finger  :)

It gives me great joy when I have a few moments to play with my doll in the week and I did have a few moments to do so this past week.  

When it was my birthday, I simply did not have time to try on the sweet dresses my precious friend sent me.  She knows that I have a hard time finding small preemie dresses and sent me three of them.

Here are three of my girls showing them off:
A vinyl reborn crafted by Selena Saxton
 Olivia Grace
A One of a Kind clay baby sculpted by Angela Lewis
I LOVE the blue!  It's so hard to find blue for girls!
A One of a Kind clay baby from Huti Babies.

I received some knitted hats and leg warmers from my dear friend, Sally, from 
Sally's Monkey Business.  I got to play with those as well  :)
Oh yes...I even got a treasure...
Brittany and I are Candy Corn!
I have a hat and she has a hat and legwarmers!
I wore my hat out to a pizza dinner on Halloween night.  Yes, people knew I was candy corn!  
Here's Brittany looking darling in her high chair:
Little Poppy is a bee!

I happen to love bees  :)  

Have a good Saturday!

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