Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A body can make all the difference in the world!

I had two dolls in my collection that still needed body changes from the originals that they came in.
I don't change out all the bodies on the dolls in my collection, just the ones that really are not right.
Like these two.  
Little Annie came to me a couple of years ago...Oh I love her so much but surly hated her body!
I attempted to re-weight it but it just never was right.  Her arms were too long as were her legs and everything just hung and moved wrong.
Here is her original body:
I ordered a new "Chelle's Body Pattern" body from Janie and got her placed on it.
this is MUCH better!
Her legs look a little short in that view so lets see her dressed:
I love it!

The other baby is a mini silicone doll that I reborned earlier this year.  
Here is her original body:
This body was too long and her arms and legs were too long and dangly as well.
Again, I ordered the same style of body from Janie.
I am one very happy collector!  

And when I make dolls for other collectors, I really work hard to see that the sculpt has a body that fits it well.  

It really makes a difference! 

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