Thursday, November 21, 2013

Silicone painting happening in the nursery!

Painting silicone dolls just exhilarates me!
I started painting on twin Preston silicone kits by Rachelle Ferrell yesterday.
Oh it just makes me feel so alive!  
I could not sleep as I wanted to just keep on painting but I don't like to use artificial lights as I cannot see as well so, I don't paint at night. 

I just spent the night thinking about painting more on them.

With a free schedule today, I am headed to the nursery early to get started.

SO happy!  

I won't be doing many WIP pictures, at least not of them with eyes in and looking like they are on a body, as I don't want to deal with fuzz and hairs that happen when this is done.

But, I'll share some of them on the painting table as I go.  :)

Happy, Happy, Happy! 

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