Monday, November 4, 2013

Goat Farm visit post :)

Last Wednesday I traveled to Pleasant Hills Angora Goat Farm for my fall shopping extravaganza.
I simply love this peaceful place!

Sue, the owner, has been working up many of her fibers along with mixes of other fibers over the last couple of years and I was just blown away by the colors and textures she had created.
So, I took several pictures  :)  
Look at these yummy yarns!

This little cutie was just a home decor piece that was given to her as a gift.  
I could not resist a shot of him!

These are mohair and mixed fiber "bats".
They do look like a quilting bat but are used to spinning.  You just tear off some of the batting and run it through your spinner.  Gosh, they sure were pretty!

These locks came from one of the goats.
There was just a small patch on the goat with fibers like this.
They are actually twisted with black and white fibers..naturally!
Isn't that cool?
Along with Angora Goats, Sue tends to some retired Angora rabbits that her daughter raises.  
She does shear the ones that are still producing fibers and uses them in her blends.
Gosh....they are SO cute! 


And of course I visited the goats!
 "Well...hello there!"

Here is a box of kid hair fiber that I was considering purchasing:
And here is the pile of boxes and bags that I did purchase.  
Ohhhh, I have some awesome second clip kid I can't wait to process!
I love making the trip to the farm every spring and fall!

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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