Friday, November 22, 2013

Sharing my Collection Friday! TNGUN babies!

 I wanted to dress some babies in fall/Thanksgiving type outfits however, I do not have a lot of those colors and styles.  

Hmmmm....what to do???
Then it hit me.  "I think I have enough to clothe the babies that I have either made for me or kept that didn't sell."

It surprised me to learn that I have FIFTEEN TNGUN babies!

Three are portrait babies of members in my family, four are ones who did not find their family on eBay that I loved anyway, two are mini Clay OOAK babies that I reborn, one is a silicone that was in my collection that I reborned, one is an Ashton Drake that I modified, and one is a doll that I reborned, sold then bought back 4 years later!

Here they all are in a group:
A little closer:

And some individuals:
Jena, a vinyl reborn doll, Lillian, made by Antonio Juan, a portrait of my oldest granddaughter and a Bonnie Chyle mini OOAK that I reborned:
 Billy in the back, a reborn vinyl Berenguer and Beata a reborn vinyl doll from Paradise Galleries.
 Matthew the Little Cowboy, a reborn vinyl doll from Masterpiece dolls/Laura Tuzio Ross:
Laurel, a reborn silicone doll originally made by Rita Rich Arnold.
 A vinyl reborn of my second granddaughter.  This is the "Sweet Embrace" doll by Berenguer.
 Little Emily, a vinyl Ashton Drake reborn:
 Elizabeth, a vinyl Berenguer reborn.  She was the 6th doll I made  :)
 Erik, a reborn "My Baby Girl" vinyl doll by Danbury Mint/Sheila Michaels.  He didn't sell on eBay which is a good thing as he was one of those dolls that caught the bumpy head syndrome, and his paint has come off his limbs.  He is the cuddliest doll in my collection though and I do love him to bits! 
 Be still my heart!  This is Sammie, a vinyl reborn prototype of Melissa Palesse's  "Dimples" kit.
I fell so in love with her and was delighted when she didn't meet reserve on eBay!  
She has a lot more color than this picture shows.  I just could not get the light right on her. 
 MICHAEL!  This was one of the first boys in my collection.  He came as a red head from Ashton Drake.  I gave him blonde hair, new lashes, a new body and weighted him to move better.  
He has been one of the staring characters in my picture stories.
 This is Dougy.  I do not know what his original sculpt name was.  He is a clay One of a Kind by Bonnie Chyle. I reborned him and found one of Bonnie's thumb prints on his head  :) 
 Oh I so love Brittany!  She is a reborn of the sculpt "Ella Rose" by Vikki Ebbling.  
I reborned her in 2008, sold her on eBay and bought her back in 2012.
I love them all so much!

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