Sunday, September 16, 2012


I don't know if I mentioned it here before or not but we had a flood in our partial basement sometime this spring.  I found it about 5 weeks ago I guess.  

I would not do anything about it while our granddaughter was here due to the molds that were down there.  I did not want to risk her health.  

The last two weekends we/I have worked long, hard hours on that mess and we're still not done.
I wanted to finish yesterday (our last "weekend" day off) but my husband really wanted some time outside of the mess cleanup to just be together.

9 days ago my cat came up missing...along with 4 others from our street within houses of each other.  Yes, we suspect foul play and have an investigation going on.  I miss her a lot and miss having a cat in the house.  

My husband suggested that we go to a nearby town yesterday just to get away, and I decided it was a good time to get some baby kitten supplies as I have decided that I would like to get a tiny, baby kitten.  I love needy kittens and this would give me some joy in spite of missing my cat, whom I've loved for nearly 8 years.  

But before we even got to the store to buy the kitten supplies, we stopped at a local car dealership to check the "key" we got in the mail to see if we won some great prize.  We won a Lottery ticket but have not scratched it yet to see it's revelation of great things (LOL)

We have been planning on buying a new car and I had one all picked out...I thought!
I was determined to replace my '99 Subaru Outback with a 2013 Subaru blue.  But there was one other car that has caught my eye more than once.  A Ford Edge.  Oh gosh, I am a diehard Subaru lover so I had my feet planted firmly in the ground,  but upon comparing these two cars. the Ford goes just a tiny bit stretch further in cargo room and passenger/driver comfort.  They are both EXCEPTIONAL can't go wrong with either, that is for sure but this time, I ended up selecting the Ford and it is now here at home with us.  

So what does all this mean in regards to my blog??  It means that I still have a mess to finish cleaning up since I did not get it done yesterday as I was car and kitty supply shopping so today, I am going to do a few "business" things, such as blog, put up some mohair for sale and finish cleaning the nursery which I started last week, then I will spend the rest of the day finishing the gigantic project and mark that OFF the To-Do list...with GREAT joy!

Want a glimpse of that disaster in the basement?? 
Before you see, please know that this is not the condition that the basement was left in the last time I was down there (in the very early spring).  The last time I was down there, I was sorting through things, eliminating some things and had everything categorized into piles/stacks.  There was plenty of floor space to move around the last time I was down there.  Oh gosh...this is what I found!  (Oh, did I mention that upon inspection and the measurement of the water line mark, there was THIRTEEN INCHES of water in that room!)

Now that you are over the shock of that....
I have decided that the trip to Puyallup just won't be financially feasible this time so I have canceled the plans to be there with the Create a Baby stand.  

The long drive up would be FUN in my new car but,
I think I'll stay home and play with my new baby kitten instead  :)  

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