Friday, September 14, 2012

Sharing my collection Friday: Sophie is traveling to Canada!

I purchased Sophie "Amelia" (By Sandy Faber) from a friend last October.  

I knew that her paint was almost gone on her face when I purchased her so right away, I contacted 
Kristine at The Dainty Loft who does the most amazing silicone, resin and OOAK re-painting.

You cannot imagine my excitement when Kristine told me that she did indeed have a spot for me in September of 2012!

She said that I could remove the remainder of Sophie's paint if I desired and told me how to do that.  
You use white nail sanding blocks that you get from the beauty salon...who knew?  

I found it enjoyable to work on Sophie and sent her off with no paint, no hair (I will root hair on her upon her return) and just the eyes in her head.  I will order a new, larger body for her from Chelle's Baby Nursery as I know it will be perfect for Sohpie.

Kristine will not be doing any more custom re-paints after the end of this year so I am truly honored, excited and pleased that Sophie "made the cut".  What is even more exciting is that Kristine is super excited as this is her first Sandy Faber re-do and I will get to follow Sophie's progress on Kristine's blog.

Take care Sophie Emilia!  I'm very excited for you but will miss you!

In the above picture, my friend and I had "painted" Sophie with some regular human blush just to give her enough color to enjoy for the time being.

Ohhh...I can't wait!

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