Monday, September 24, 2012

Advanced Textured Eye Brows tutorial on YouTube!

I will get better at this video making and hosting!  
I have a good program for editing, I simply need to learn what all it can do.  I'll get better though!
Hosting was tough for me but again, with the tips and advice from other and my own exploring, that part will get better and easier. 

So for now, I'd like to invite you to my YouTube Channel to view all 5 parts of the Advanced Textured Eye Brows video!

Debbie Henshaw's YouTube Channel 

Here is each video clip by itself:

YouTube would not accept the name of my nursery 
(They Never Grow Up Nursery) as the name of my channel so I had to go with my name, Debbie Henshaw.  
It's a good name so it's all good  :)  


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