Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Is it Monday???

Today sure feels like a Monday!  
I don't like having 2 Mondays in one week!

So where am I at with Trinitee and doing video's?  
Well, I have placed a layer of Genesis Satin Varnish on all his parts (I have come to appreciate Satin Varnish but still like to use the Matte Varnish on some dolls) and I did the textured eye brow video.

It's choppy and I need to edit some things out and put all the parts together so that it runs smoothly.
I'm not sure how long it will take me to do that in my program but I'll try to do a little this morning.

This afternoon, I'll begin the filming of the mouth and lip painting.  
I really have nothing to show in pictures of him at this point.   He's just got one later of undertone color on him.

Today is my Friday and tomorrow begins a whirlwind of activity as my family is running a 210 mile relay race beginning Friday morning.  So you won't see me until Monday...I'll just be too busy with house guests, volunteering and having fun with them.

Until then...

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