Monday, April 30, 2012

Hahaha! 20??? on my new adoption

You will have to go to yesterday's post to see all the great questions asked regarding my new adoption.
I've answered the questions there.  

I love the game...keep the questions coming! 

Oh my goodness...I just remember I was going to post about Uncle Jackie yesterday!  Oh ugh.  I failed and I am sorry.  Will you forgive me if I told you I woke up with a cold yesterday??  :) 

It's time to get my note pad back out and make notes of what I am planning on posting about. 

First on the agenda for tomorrow is Uncle Jackie...a story that will warm your heart.  

Tomorrow I will just answer the 20?? on that original post so be sure to check those comments regarding the new adoption.

So what is going on in the nursery besides this cold?

Well, I am processing lots of mohair.  The last two Sundays found me down at the gallery banding up mohair as I volunteered so today will start the actual dying process of what I banded up last week and I'll wash up what I banded up yesterday.  

Shamika's rooting (Riley Schenk) has been set aside as I work on Prototype Matthew's rooting who now has the entire back and half of his sides done.  I'll work on him all afternoon and tonight as well as tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night.  He should be rooted by then. 

I've been placing orders and re-stocking supplies and my mind is constantly on the production of the DVD (no status update on that yet) and the upcoming Down East Doll Show.

See you tomorrow!  

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