Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Genny Gannon....what IS her real name? New names added

Ahhh, she is common name in the reborn doll community...

Jenny Gannon.

Or is it Jenny Singleton?

Or Susie Singleton?

Or Jenny Troth?

Or Gem Lewis?

OR....Jenny Loy which is her newest ID name.  

These names have all been used by Jenny Gannon both on Facebook, eBay, and via PayPal who frequently uses other artist pictures to gain custom orders as well as uses stock photos to sell items that she really does not have.

Sometimes she will have an item and will sell it and send it, but it is just a cover up to the others who make a purchase and get either nothing in return or receive a box of trash.

At the moment she has an Ebay ID called 

I put the link up (click above) but it is likely that the page won't be around for long.  
Same with Etsy.  She opens up accounts and the community, who has been watching for many years now, promptly gets her shut down.

Awesome job community!

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