Sunday, March 6, 2016

6 days, 6 nights...paint, paint, paint!

Painting my entryway, living room, dining room and hallway including ceiling was a HUGE job!
I got it all done except for the trim and walls down the hallway.  I'll do those in smaller moments of time on the weekends.  

Our home feels refreshing and calm!  
We really disliked the color all of those room were before.  
They were the same color and EVERYTHING was that color....
walls, ceilings, baseboards/trims/windowsils, all vent covers, the built-in book case and it's hinges....

Here is a picture of when the new ceiling color was about to cover up the old...

The new color is the white paint  :)  OUT with that ucky peachy-yellow!  

And here is the new wall color meeting the old at the same corner in our dining room:

And HERE is my new feature wall! happy now!  
(The wall color here looks like a light version of the old wall color but it's just the light coming in and lightening it from the light taupe tone.)

And now, BACK to work!  I will be finishing paint on the three vinyls I've been working on then I'll begin three TEENY silicone dolls by Kellie Beckett!


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