Sunday, March 20, 2016

I have exciting news! Prototype Bobbi!

I know.
I am miles behind in the dolls that are partially done, and I need to re-take pictures of my Rebekkah because I tried taking them in the newly painted dining the wrong time of day as there was too much light coming in that washed her out BUT....

I have accepted the request to create Lilianne Breedveld's new full body silicone,

Oh this baby is DELIGHTFUL!
The clay OOAK is with Claire Taylor now being molded and cast into glorious Ecoflex 20
and, like Jazz, I have requested that she have full arm armatures.

Here is a little peek of the clay sculpt as captured by Lilianne Breedveld:

LOOK at that double chin!!!!  

Squeak!  I am so excited and honored! 

Artists, here is the full write up for Bobbi if you are interested in ordering a blank from Lilianne:
~Click here~ 

Speaking of silicone prototypes...
I have three on my painting table by Kellie Beckett that I am starting today.  
They are nearly 2 inches, nearly 3 inches and 7 inches little!  
I will share them tomorrow.  

In other news...Tonight I may be able to finish rooting the 10" full body silicone
Sage by Sherri Williams.  
Remember her?
Poor little lass has been waiting forever!  

~Hugs for this first day of spring~

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