Sunday, April 3, 2016

Only FOUR spaces remain!

With just a little over 3 months left until the ROSE show in July,
I only have FOUR spaces remaining in my  class!

I do offer a 2 payment plan or a pay in full plan.

$150 down will reserve your seat with the balance of $150 due by June 15th.  

Or pay the $300 in full and we'll see you in July!

I have seen pictures of the baby that Marita Winters sculpted just for this class and expect the prototype to arrive soon.  I also know the baby's name.

This baby is completely AWESOME!
Baby has ethnic features which will pair well with the painting we will do in class.

Last year at ROSE, we barely had time to assemble our babies in class as I had to go set up my booth.
I won't have a booth this year, or even a table so we can linger as long as we long as the hotel accommodations do not need us out of our room by a certain time.  If they do, I will be teaching a weighting workshop on the show room floor on Saturday.

It will be....perfect  :) 

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