Monday, March 14, 2016

Dolly progress!

I believe that today two new little darlings are going to be "born".

That precious little Berenguer for the Cribs for Kids program in our town
(I almost have him together and will taking his pictures this morning :)  )

and my 5 year old child doll~the Angelica sculpt I have lovingly named Rebekkah.  

Here is a peek at Rebekkah before I did her lashes and final details.

Oh it is going to be wonderful having this precious girl looking over the babies in the Dolly House!  
I've waited SO long for her!!

The custom order I am working on (from 2013!) is painted and now waiting for hair.  

Little micro-preemie silicone, Sage, by Sherri Williams is "growing" hair in the evenings.  I just have the back of her head to finish.  Goodness it is ever taking a long time to root that tiny head!  
She will be available on eBay when she's done.

Next in line are some tiny silicones by Kellie Beckett!

This one is a 7" prototype.  
I am waiting to find out her name but look how cute she is!!!

I don't have pictures of the other ones yet but one is just TWO inches big!  
It's so itty bitty and so adorable!!!

I am traveling to see my mother on her 75th birthday tomorrow but I hope to have pictures for you to see on Wednesday morning...or Thursday. 
I always think I can do more in a day than I can....


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  1. Oh my! So much happening. Rebekkah is so beautiful.
    I will be stocking your blog waiting to see more pictures!