Monday, March 28, 2016

Please meet MY Rebekkah!

It took me some time to wait for the ALMOST perfect lighting to photograph my darling new 
5 year old child doll, but finally I am ready to introduce Rebekkah to you!

I have waited so long for this sweet child-doll to enter my world.

When I took her to the Dolly House, she could not believe all of the babies that would be in her care! 

She desired to begin caring for them right away!

 She tenderly held one of the smaller infants...

Is totally capable of handing the wiggly, active ones....

And is good about putting others into a blissful sleep...

I think SHE is quite delighted to be out of that old brown box as a blank kit and into her new world of helping "mommy" in the Dolly House!

She is a negotiable child even helping during clothing changes:

And of course loves to play outside too!

Rebekkah's finer details:

Because I do not have time to root her hair, Rebekkah has a gorgeous, high quality human hair wig.
She looks SO different depending on how her hair is styled.

Oh what fun!

Rebekkah is painted and detailed with Baby FX Air Dry Paints and Powders.

I very much love my new little "girl".

She is NOT for sale  :)


  1. Wow wow wow. She is beautiful. I have just added this size kit to my future bucket list. Great job Debbie.

    1. Thank you Melissa! They are very much fun to paint but even funner to play with! I bet she'll be out riding Toby before we know it!