Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I completed a baby!

Completing a baby doll is always like a miracle to me!
There are so many tiny details involved, from shopping for outfits, eyes and weighting supplies (if applicable) to rooting tiny lashes or brows.

What that last step is complete and I get to dress the baby and take pictures, it just feels like a miracle.

Yesterday I finished the last touches on Sage, the 10" full body silicone by Sherri Williams, 
and last night I dressed her and took pictures!  

Sage will be going to eBay soon, and I'll have a peek of her for your tomorrow as I need to put my watermark on all of her pictures.  

Her outfits are BEAUTIFUL and I can't wait to show you!

Hugs for the day~


  1. I have looking for 7 years for a baby an i need 50 dallers and under thank you from kylee and biard

    1. Kylee, there is a reason why you have not found a baby for $50 and under in 7 years. Most blank kits cost the artist $50-125. Then to add paint, supplies, clothing and time. It simply is not possible. Save up honey~you can make it happen!