Monday, March 21, 2016

3 Itty Bitty full body Slicones by Kellie Beckett

I love Kellie Beckett's work and now have three darling OOAK babies from her in my collection.  

What an honor to have THREE of her TINY full body silicone prototypes in my studio now!

These babies do not have names yet so I will be referring to them by their sizes.

Kellie and I did a partial trade so doing these prototypes is going to be a bit different than normal...
I will explain what is happening to them on each ones description.

FIRST is the 7 inch sitting smiler.  She really is not sleeping but rather has her eyes closed due to 
being tickled pink!

This prototype will be the only one that I reborn then sell myself.
I will offer her on eBay when she is complete.  
SHE is anatomically correct.  

Isn't she just SO cute?!?!?!?

The next little one is a whopping just under 3 inches long!
She is a prototype as well but I am painting this one for Kellie to keep.

Talk about tiny!

But even TINIER is the just under 2 inch little prototype girl!
Kellie made and inserted her eyes.
I am painting her and Kellie is going to offer her up for sale....
IF she can part with her  :)  

What fun it is to have tiny baby furniture around to use as props!  

I began painting them yesterday.
I am blind today.


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  1. I love watching you transform each baby doll. You are truly a master artist and I can not wait to see how these little girls go from blank to beautiful.