Sunday, May 31, 2015

Would you like an artist baby for $268?

I have GREAT news!  

You can get a Tinkerbell Nursery, They Never Grow Up Nursery, a Bushel and a Peck Nursery, Melissa George MG Art Dolls artist baby doll for roughly $268!! 

Oh wait, I am sorry. 
Shoot.  I guess this seller is just using those artists photos to gain custom orders for those sculpts.
Rats.  I thought I hit the jackpot.  I was going to order one of my own!

Yes, I am being very sarcastic because I am very annoyed.  I found this seller through a contact from one of my followers on Facebook.  She saw a listing that used my Huggy Bear Prototype pictures and was VERY excited at the thought of getting that baby for $268.  Turns out, the listing was for a custom of Huggy Bear but the seller never even showed her own work in the listing.

When I wrote to the owner of the listing and the Website above (Emma), she replied that she is not doing anything wrong in her listing as she states the pictures are prototype pictures and that she has a "link" to her Facebook page where she shows her work.

Well, the "link" was not a link at all as you are not permitted to do that in eBay listings and I had to find that Facebook page on my own.  She does show her work there but she also has a recent post stating that she has new kits added to eBay listings and uses images from other artists in that post. 

Granted, she did remove the listing for Huggy Bear but after examining her website (link above) I saw that she is using many artist pictures (all of the above mentioned plus many others) on her site, again not showing any of her own work at all.  

I am sorry, it is NEVER okay to use other artist pictures to gain custom orders.  Never.  

Please be careful out there.  If it is too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.



  1. I had all intentions to go to the class but when my daughter and granddaughters found out I was going to the doll show they wanted to come, I couldn't pass up the time with them since I don't get to see them often. If your even in the Salt Lake area let me know I will be front and center :)). And btw love love the mohair it lays like a dream couldn't be happier. And of course props to you in my listings! I look forward to meeting you at the show. sooo excieted about going ( husband is worried he thinks I'll break the bank hehe) and first time posting ever man I am moving up in the cyber world ;).

    1. Will they be traveling with you Angel? The class is the two days before the show, not during the show itself :)
      Either way, I am delighted with the thought of meeting you! I will be at booth 98~please introduce yourself!
      I have no plans for Salt Lake...but I do still have my DVD available.
      Thank you~I am glad that you love my mohair.
      Ahhh husbands! LOL Tell him that you can't take it with you so why not spend it!
      Hahahaha....welcome to commenting on the blog! You have set the cyber animal free!
      See you VERY soon!