Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Taking it from surreal to real!

Today I will be washing 4 matted silicone dolls! 

3 weeks ago I had not even started ONE doll for the ROSE show in July.  
I can now let out a sigh that three silicones are painted for the show and one to offer as soon as she has hair to the general public now.  

Of course, they all still need to grow hair and I still have 2-3 vinyls to do, one of them being one of the prototypes of Denver Rose, that very special baby kit made by my ever-so-precious friend, Marita Winters just for the Make the Switch to Air Dry Paints class and for special release of the kit during my class and the ROSE show.

The prototypes are in Marita's possession now and will be on the way to the 4 artists (including me!) as soon as the bodies arrive to her.  

There may be sneak peeks of the silciones I am working on (still deciding on that) but there won't be any peeks of Denver Rose as her reveal is to take place in my class.  
I am SO honored!  

All of the baby outfits have been ordered and are in stock for the show.
I have selected my table props and decor as well as have been shopping for my own wardrobe.  
I have a few more class supplies to order but the bulk of class supplies are either in stock or enroute.  

I have been working on details for the class and have added to the agenda a nostril opening/kit washing party the night before the class starts in my hotel room for students to learn the technique for opening nostrils as well as to prepare our kits for painting the next day. 

I have also began banding mohair to process for the show. 

Making it real and feeling some relief!!

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