Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Began 2 new babies with Baby FX

I really do love these paints!!!

I began work on the Denver Rose prototype by Marita Winters as well as a Mathilda kit by Joanna Kazmierczak using Baby FX paints yesterday.

My work has been joyous and stress free.

Denver Rose is a wonderful, beautiful kit!  I had time to take some pictures of her blank kit on her body the other day and she is just so adorable and poses so nicely!  She fits Carter's Baby preemie and newborn size clothes as well as Carter's Just One Year (Target brand) newborn size.  I simply love her.

And Mathilda???  Oh my goodness!  That is the first vinyl kit in several years that I have purchased.  With prototypes, silicones and the silicone custom order list that I had opened for a short time, I just didn't have time for new vinyl kits.  

I am so glad I bought this kit!!!!  This baby is going to be darling and big.  
HE will be going to the ROSE show as well.

I have decided that I am not going to fully show the ROSE show babies.
I may give upclose peeks of the skin tones, hair etc, but not the full baby.  
I think leaving some anticipation of the show will be fun!

Again the basic formula that I have been using for the Baby FX paints is 
1 drop of paint, 5 drops of slow dry, 15 drops of water.  
I adjust that as needed.  If I need a thicker paint for details etc, I use less slow dry and water, if I need it thinner, more slow dry and water.  

And I love using the "Last Coat" in details such as eye brow, hair and nail beds.  The Last Coat makes the paint super thick with texture.  I love that stuff!

Rooting on sweet girl Little Warrior, now Tabitha, is going well, but slow!  
I've been breaking up my time between rooting, mohair processing and painting.  
Hopefully my time this morning rooting will bring me very close to having her head finished. 
I can't wait to offer this darling petite one up!

Have a stellar Tuesday!!


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