Thursday, May 7, 2015

The studio is ~CLOSED~

My dear friend Becky is coming back on Saturday and staying until Tuesday afternoon and we will be FINISHING the sheet rock and mudding on the Dolly House!  

So, the studio will be closed until Wednesday  :)

I was able to take a few pictures of silicone Little Warrior #1 by Angela Lewis yesterday.

In an attempt to experiment with painted silicone hair, she has painted hair but only for right now. 
I just wanted to play and try my hand at it.  I think the biggest problem was the color I selected.  
I just don't do darker haired babies well~be it rooted or painted.

But this will make some nice detail under her rooted hair, which will probably be a lighter.  

What I am pleased about is that I was able to capture some visible texture in the hair strokes, especially on her forehead where she would have fine facial hairs.

Please welcome a little peek at Tabitha!

I think this baby is super sweet!

Enjoy the rest of the week, through the weekend and through the beginning of next week.

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