Monday, April 6, 2015

Sick computer update

My visit to the Apple Genius Bar was promising but unfortunately, what was a chance solution did not work.

The good news is, that even after 7 years of extreme use with over 30,000 pictures loaded onto it, my hard drive is in excellent condition, I have plenty of storage left, my battery checks out as almost new (and I've never replaced it) and the main functioning of the computer is fine.  

They were hoping that the problem laid within the software.  So, they cleared everything off and I loaded my backup onto the computer when I arrived home.  

It IS working a little faster in some areas but I am still having tracking pad and mouse malfunctions which freeze after a certain amount of time using it.  

So, that didn't solve the original problem.

Since this machine is "vintage" in the eyes of the Mac/Apple folks, Apple will not work on it.
However, they referred me onto an Apple approved shop that will work on them.

I will call that shop (also in the City~a 2 hour drive for me) and see if they can give me some direction and costs over the phone.  

I know that I NEED to replace this computer and I did ask about the new MacBook Pro laptops~which excite me with their power and functionality~it's just with all of the other things going on financially right now, I am trying to prevent from doing that until later in the year. But, we will see.  I might just have to bite the bullet.  

I am back to work today and will be making available the sweet little Berenguer boy....right after I go and see the CPA regarding getting my taxes...uhm...started.  Yes, I was just too overwhelmed to even begin.   I was sure hoping I have a reliable computer to work on before I began this process.  I'll start entering expenses and sales tonight and see how that goes.  
Maybe an extension is in my tax future.  

Have a good Monday!

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  1. Melissa ReasonerApril 6, 2015 at 8:32 AM

    Debbie, I know exactly how you are feeling. I (Ms. Ready to fill taxes on Jan 31st. Has not even begun the process and I am feeling over whelmed by the thought. Hugs and computer prayers to you.