Sunday, April 19, 2015

Back to work, excellent progress on the Dolly House!

What an awesome week!

My friend Becky arrived on Monday night.  She was supposed to arrive on Sunday night but got delayed, but that didn't reduce her time here with me to work on the Dolly House as she stayed a day longer than planned.  

Since my husband was home anyway on Monday, I used the time to prepare food for the work week so that we didn't use valuable time for meal preparation.  It all went so smoothly!

We FINISHED the insulation of the building first:

You can't really see it in this picture and I didn't want to move the scaffolding and supplies but the bay area of the building took a very long time to insulate due to many, MANY small areas which meant cutting insulation and figuring out ways to keep it attached to the walls.  We were so happy when that was done that we whooped and hollered!  

We only had one morning remaining to start the sheet rock/drywall.  
Oh my!  This was SO exciting!!!!

This is the first piece going in!!
 It was so exciting I could hardly breathe!

And the first wall is UP!

Becky showed me how to "mud" before she had to fly out the door to get home to her own finishing work on a large, real house.
She tells me that she loves to mud.  Thank goodness.  I told her to knock herself out and boy will she have a lot of mudding to do when she comes back!  I made a few mistakes after she left. 

The day after she left, I decided to see what I could do on my own.

I was so excited to know that I could do the lower levels myself that I just kept going!
 I called in support from my husband (who really should not be doing this type of work due to a degenerative disc problem in his back) and he helped me get up this upper piece.

Last night, we had our son come over and the three of us were able to get the lower loft ceiling done plus the small piece from the power box to the window!!!

The plan was to also complete the back wall but holding those full sheets above our head was enough for one day!  

I am so happy with all that was done over the week and just can't thank my amazing people enough!

So today I am back to work on a new schedule mind you.
Every spring, my husband's schedule changes from 5 8-hour days a week to 4 10-hour days a week.  I change with him.  We will work Sunday-Wednesday with Thursday-Saturday off.  We love this schedule as we get so much done on our weekends!

Today I will be assembling and making available for adoption the little AA Berenguer reborn that I finished the artwork on right before I took the week off.

I can't wait to show her to you!


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