Friday, April 10, 2015

I do NOT have to replace my computer!

It turns out that the old battery had swelled causing pressure on the track pad (the mouse pad) creating havoc!!  

For now, the battery is removed while I scour eBay and Amazon looking for a GENUINE Apple battery.  I'd rather search for the vintage and no longer made genuine Apple product before I buy a knock off brand.  We'll see how that goes.

For now, I can run the computer just fine plugged in with the battery removed.  

I am BACK!

(but hiding away for now trying to get the little AA Berenguer head rooted.
Oh my!  I forgot what trouble it is to root a Berenguer.  
Heat the wheat sack, heat the head, root, heat the head, root, re-heat the cooled wheat bag, heat the head, root the head.....

For hours on end!

But, she is going to be just adorable!  

Monday will find me in the Dolly House with my friend, Becky, finishing the insulation!  Tuesday and Wednesday, we MIGHT be putting up sheetrock!  I picked that up today as I headed back from getting my computer.

Eeeeek!  So exciting!

(Oh and I took the taxes to a CPA and we filed an extension.  Whew, that is a relief!)

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