Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The mohair orders have been coming in and being sent out.  
My computer is hanging in there and allowing me to get most of the orders processed before it crashes.  I shut it down then try again after a few hours.  I am managing this way  :)

I painted the hair on the little boy Berenguer (Caucasian) yesterday using the Baby FX paints.  I did the textured hair as well but I am thinking of building texture within the paint not after the paint for the next doll I try this on.  I didn't get outstanding results, but that might be because I used the texture blend pretty lightly and I didn't put the super shine over the top.  You know how I feel about shine...

The darling little boy is as sweet as can be.
I rooted tiny little eye lashes which brought him to life completely.

I can't wait to offer him up for adoption at the first of next week!

I'll be taking tomorrow through Sunday off.  We have appointments in the city tomorrow and I'll be taking out grand girl back home on Sunday.

She's having a great time during her spring break.
She loves living across the road from our horses and she'll just shout out, "I'm going to ride; I'll be home at such and such" and off she goes!  I love it too!

Have a glorious Resurrection Sunday weekend!


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