Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wrapping up the mohair and Spring Break

Today I will finish processing the final three colors of the mohair insanity!

I only had one color batch go "wrong" but in the end, it went right!

I am calling it Tootie Fruity!
It is slightly strawberry blonde and slightly salmon.
It's really pretty 1st clip kid hair!
This color will be wonderful on Mermaid dolls and fantasy dolls!
It will be available on my selling site next week.

I am picking up my 12 yr old grand girl for her Spring Break on Saturday.  On the way home, we will be visiting the Angora goat farm.  
We are very excited to see the babies and select more raw hair for stock.

Our girl will be here for a week.

I will still be working to finish up the packaging and listing of the mohair, painting the little Berenguer boy's hair and I hope to start rooting the ethnic Berenguer's hair.

I have a plan stirring up in my head for my display at the ROSE show so I'll probably do a little shopping for that and over all have a much more relaxed week than the previous weeks.  I wish the Dolly House were ready for paint as my grand daughter wanted to help paint.  

Oh well, at the rate we are going on that project, she might be out on summer break before it's ready for paint! 

I'll pop in here when I can.

Have a good week-ending and weekend!

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