Monday, March 2, 2015

They Never Grow Up Nursery~2013-2014~The Dolls

This will be the final post on my 10 year celebration regarding the dolls.
I will post next about the shows and the highlights of the last 10 years.

In 2013, I made 11 vinyl dolls and this marked my journey for reborning silicone dolls!

Let's talk about the vinyl dolls first.
Of those 11 vinyl dolls, 7 were prototypes.  
Oh my goodness, it is hard to say which I was most honored to do that year!!!
I just about fainted when Bonnie Brown asked me to do a Sally Prototype.
You see, my friend Sally suggested to Bonnie that this kit be named Sally, after her.
Oh what fun Sally was to reborn!  
She became the highest price newborn to date, selling on eBay for $1700.
That was pretty exciting too!
I did prototypes for Marita Winters
Kellie Beckett
Dianna Effner
Samantha Gregory
Betty Morel/Tru Born
and Stephanie Tackett.  

They were all fun and honorable.
I had a blast giving Marita's Mikki prototype lot's of swirlies in her hair:
My sister adopted LyLy Rose prototype by Betty Morel/Tru Born at the doll show in Sauder Village.  
You have NO idea how much she loves that doll!  
She took her to meet Santa at Christmas and had her picture taken.  She takes her everywhere!  
Pardon the poor show floor lighting: 

I made a couple of toddlers that year, one of my favorites was "Ashah", Greek for REBORN!
She was made from the Laura Tuzio Ross Suzon sculpt;

In roughly 2011, I began to study silicone painting and I desired to make 2013 my goal to begin silicone painting.
Just as I did with the vinyl painting, I studied the process for 2 yrs before actually beginning the work.  This is a priceless way to learn.  
I read every word of auctions and sale pages, I looked up words I didn't know what they meant.  I studied silicone supply company pages and instructions.
I read blogs, facebook pages and forum posts.  
I was very blessed to have built a relationship with a gal I call my mentor.
And I used instinct.   If it didn't make logical sense to me in regards to how silicone chemical structure is, I tossed what I read or saw out the window.

I began my first doll in May of 2013.  
She was a tiny micro-preemie from my personal collection made my Rita Rich Arnold.  I bought her as a boo-boo baby at the Tiny Treasures show in 2009.  
I had a hard time with brows and nail tips but otherwise, I had a wonderful time painting her and I learned so much!

Then I just kept going from there!  
I made 8 silicones in 2013.
I even did my first Artist Proof/Prototype for Rachelle Ferrell of her Preston Silicone kit.
He sold on eBay and went to France!
While I was at it, I did another Preston as a twin sister to him:
In order to get more practice, I began taking custom orders for silicone painting and rooting.
That took me into let's talk about the silicones of 2014.

I made 10 silicones in 2014.
5 of those were custom orders.
 This was one of them, Poppy by Lilianne Breedveld.
What a darling little Irish lassie she was!

The rest were kits I had purchased that I just liked.
One of my favorites was Jaylee by Britt Klinger.

I did one more of him order:
I LOVE that sculpt!!

My proudest moments were when my darling Precious by Lilianne Breedveld sold on ebay for 
$6200!  I still can't believe it!

She did me proud!

In 2014, I made 9 vinyl dolls.
Of those dolls, 3 were prototypes.
Ohhhh.... I got to do a Tavi prototype by Marita Winters!
Another honor or was Elijah by Jorja Pigott:
  And the funnest?  Lulu Prototype by Kellie Beckett!
He looked like my grandson!
Two other vinyl reborns stood out that year.
One was the custom that I made as my New Years Day Drawing.
I made her somewhat after me.
She was Noah by Reva Schick.

The other attention grabber was a Berenguer doll that I reborned just for fun.
It is the Beautiful Embrace doll.
Everyone loved that little fattie!

So now onto 2015.
I don't have any big goals this year having just moved and still trying to settle.  
(Other than my Dolly House which has nothing to do with business~it's just
keeping me busy!


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