Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Air dry ethnic painting and mixing ratio

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am so pleased to say that I LOVE using the Baby FX paints for ethnic painting!!!!

I don't have the entire color line yet so I'm a tiny bit limited with the baby I am working on but oh my...they are so smooth, go on SO nice and look beautiful!

I am finishing up the ethnic baby today (short of sealing/matting) and then I should have pictures of both babies on Thursday.

So the BEST mixture I have found for the Baby FX paints, in any skin tone are as follows:

For every 1 drop of paint add 5 drops of Slow Dry and 15 drops of water.  
It helps to have a small bottle to drop the water out of.

For these 1/4 limb Berenguers I have only needed to mix up one drop of paint but for a full kit, 2 drops of the pigment paint plus the slow dry and water should give enough to finish that color on your kit.  


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