Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mohair insanity!

I am back to work today and back to banding, combing, washing mohair.

This is what my next few weeks look like.  I won't start coloring until tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on how the banding and combing goes.  

All of the mohair colors will be offered at one time.  I won't be filling my shop with the colors as they are done simply because then I spend my days handling orders instead of processing mohair.  
Plus, it is a benefit to my customers as well as then they know exactly what I have and can participate in  one-stop-shopping.

My acid dye provider is short on help and is out of some crucial colors that I need so, I have stepped into a new world and purchased primary colors from Jaquard and will be blending my own colors.  

Yikes.  I hope this goes well!

1 comment:

  1. hooray! I can't wait to nab some of that gorgeous red and also some dark brown (running very low on that) :) My babies love your hair!