Sunday, March 1, 2015


Sunday's are my Monday's.  
That is the day that hubby goes back to work for his work-week, as do I.
Sometimes my Sunday/Mondays are very quiet, and sometimes not!

Today is a not day so I am going to postpone my plan to do the 2013-2014 dolls in celebration of my 10th year until tomorrow.  Tomorrow morning will be a better morning for it.  

I am truly anxious to get back into the studio today and begin playing with 

I have a set of twin "kits"...AKA 16" Berenguer LaBaby dolls that I am reborning the old fashioned way:

These babies have 1/4 limbs which will give me just enough vinyl to work on to get a good feel for the paint.

One of these darlings will be Caucasian and one will be air dry ethnic.  I am VERY excited about the Ethnic!  

So, the heads are sanded, I will strip the paint here in a little while and get busy painting babies!!!

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