Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting settled in

We began moving on the 23rd of October.  
Seems like such a long time ago yet, we are still unpacking and making our house a home.

I added pictures of the new studio/nursery to the "We're Moving" post and the mess that it was in after all of my supplied were moved in.

Here is one of those pictures:

YIKES!  What a mess!

Here is how the new studio/nursery is looking as of yesterday afternoon:
The awesome and large storage shelves are organized and ready for me to go to work.
I however, am not ready to go back to work!  
The entire top shelf is raw mohair with just a little stock of processed hair for my use.
 The curtains that cover the shelves will help keep the dust off of the supplies and makes the room look so nice! 
 The paint table:
It still needs organized and I need to purchase some shelves to hold some supplies close by.
 The assembly and dressing table which is not finished yet:
 The photo studio table in the background.  It's not finished either:
 Sweet little shelf and lamp in the corner that will hold baby bottles and photo props:

And of course I could not resist having some of my babies near by as I work!
Well...and my "fake" kitty cat who has turned a little western since moving close to the horses!  
 Poppy, (full body silicone Sugar by Melissa McCrory) along with sweet little Laurel the first silicone that I painted.  She is Laurel by Rita Rich Arnold.
 One of my dear friends just brought this cradle to me a few weeks ago.  
Isn't it sweet??
 Silicone Sophie Faber, repainted by Kris of The Dainty Loft:
 This just makes me happy! 
I hope to finish the room today but I have several other things I need to do as well today.  
We'll see....

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