Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Moving~They Never Grow Up Nursery is temporarily closed

The day has finally's time to MOVE!

Today I'm trying to get all I can get done with packing as tomorrow...we move!

I'm so excited and still apprehensive that everything is going to fit into the new home.

It is overwhelming to see all of these boxes!  I have remind myself that many of the things in the boxes will be in cabinets, on shelves and in their place.  

We had a yard sale over the weekend and got rid of a lot of things so that felt great!

Alright, I won't be posting much at all...however, I may share some pictures of our new home as we get settled so don't forget about me  :)



I'm still here and still alive!  The move hasn't killed me...yet!
Today I am tackling the studio room so that I can get back to work soon. 
It has taken longer than I thought but here are some pictures to give you a little clue of the job before me this day:

This is the studio room before we moved in.
Behind the curtains are large storage shelves, and there is also a closet.

The first thing that had to happen was that this particle board shelving unit needed to go.  This is where my photo studio will be.  Also the floating shelves to the left of it were sliding off the wall.

I think some of my personal mini OOAK's will live on top of the large shelving unit until my doll collection "dolly house" arrives.  

We began moving supplies in...
Heavens!  How did I get so much stuff?!?!?!

We weren't able to get to taking those shelves down before the move began.  It was a pretty crazy time, but aren't moves always like that?? 
I got the shelves down and things started to feel better; not so overwhelming...

And then I brought one more load from the old nursery/work room and really exploded the place!

So that is where I am today and what I am headed into.
I am excited to sort and organize and get this room ready so I can get back to work!
It will be a while before it's decorated with inspiring charm.  There are several changes I want to do throughout the house and I'll need to be settled for a while before I can gain my vision for how I want it to be.  I love this process and will love to add my touches when it's time.

Be watching for progress picture over the next couple of days!


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