Thursday, November 13, 2014

NEW air dry paint system on the market!!!

I had the ultimate pleasure of speaking with THE 

of MG Art Dolls from Australia on the phone last week.

Oh could have knocked me over with a feather~first that she wanted to speak with 
ME about her new paints and second, that I was actually speaking to her!

I have loved her work forever and she is a delightful person~so personable and charming!

She has been working with chemists for several years to create a new air dry paint system that is safe to use and very, very light and steadfast
(because chemicals are still used to create a paint, she still highly recommends using protection of the eyes, nose and mouth during painting).

I will be trying out Melissa's new Baby FX paints and also her other FX products.

I suspect this paint system may replace the other three that I have in the studio as it is complete with all of the preps and mattes needed.

Melissa tells me that the paints themselves are completely matte, but a matte is included for additional creativity.  

The paints come with extremely well done instructions.
Melissa is TOPS in creating professional products and instructions.

I can hardly wait for that package from Australia to arrive!!!

(This image is property of Melissa George/MG Art Dolls):

Have a great Thursday!!!

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