Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Precious is growing hair!

An artist just has to "go with the flow" and allow the canvas to speak to them.

Precious proved that to me once again.  

I had selected some alpaca hair for her~even though torn that many people voted that she be left bald.  

*I* just didn't feel like she was complete in the bald state.  

But, I could not get a good match of needle to hair to silicone so I set the alpaca hair aside and put out the white flag of surrender.  

I began rooting her lashes with some chosen mohair.  I REALLY loved that color on her.  So with one side of her lashes rooted, I just began to poke the mohair in to her head and before I knew it, 1/4 of her head was rooted!   I DO love the color on her and the style as well.

I'll do more around the bang line in the end but here is how she is looking now.  
I am so glad I listened to my canvas  :)

(Please forgive the super long lashes on her right eye.  I do not want to trim them until I am done with her hair.)

Ahhh...it's great to be back to work!

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