Monday, November 10, 2014

Going back to work today :)

My home is not completely settled with window treatments, decor, paint that I like and matching towels etc but I am so done with working with drills and tools and levels...I have to go back to work before I get really crabby!  LOL

Not to mention I am still shopping for window treatments and the likes and I won't be painting until after the holiday's (except for maybe the trim around the kitchen sky lights since that is a fairly small project) just because there is no time and I'm still considering colors.  I am getting closer on my color choices though  :)

And about that dolly house for the back yard?  
I am making one final call today about window choices and then I will be ready to order.  I've had the guys out to evaluate the property about setting the building down where I want it and I have my son working next Tuesday with a Bobcat to level the gravel and prepare the spot.  

The dolly house will only take two weeks from ordering to be delivered!   
How exciting!  

I will have to finish the inside with insulation, wall boards and electricity, but the outside and windows will be sound and finished. 

Thank goodness I have very talented and knowledgeable friends!'s back to work I go.  

I am still debating on rooting hair in Precious.  I am getting accustomed to her bald and the majority suggested she be bald.  Once I touch her today I will know for sure.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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