Saturday, November 8, 2014

The studio is ready!

When I first looked at the house, I was concerned that the studio room would be to "sterile" and not personable.

After organizing it and adding a few special touches (for now~more to come later)
I LOVE my new work space!

Welcome to the NEW TNGUN studio/nursery!
 The painting table:

 There was a great space on top of the built in shelves for some of my personal small and mini babies:
I feel at home  :)

 I re-purposed a shelf that was in my old kitchen that I was no longer going to use into a hair bow organzier:  Other than one large pink and white bow, I have ONE.....JUST ONE pink hair bow!
I wish the companies would put more pink in a package.
 The photo studio:
This table does not have the depth that my other one has but the other one as far too large for this room.  I am on the search for a tall, square table.  For now, this one will do  :)
 The changing table where babies will be assembled and dressed:
 The FULL closet is right next to the changing table.
I will be minimizing how much stock I keep on hand so that things are not so crammed!
 Supplies are stored on the shelves of the changing table and clothes in the 3-drawer cart next to it. 
 Sweet precious is waiting to be fully born:

The very large storage shelves.  The top shelf is all raw mohair and a little bit of processed that is for my own use, the middle shelf is painting supplies and doll kits and the bottom is weighting supplies and various other supplies.
 My paints have never been more organized and easy to get to.  This makes me happy!

I hope you have enjoyed your tour!
I hope to be back to work tomorrow but we'll see how today's house management goes.
I may need one more day working on the main house.  



  1. Great! I wished I had so much room, you are alucky woman! I love your babies. Willeke.

    1. Thank you Wileke! I acknowledge that I am very, VERY lucky!
      Hugs always~