Monday, March 3, 2014

Wrist, neck and back pain~a SOLUTION!

For many years now I have used products from Nikken, a Far Infared and Magenetics technology company.

I have used wrist wraps, bracelets, back wraps and a necklace until I have worn them out.  
So, I went shopping amongst the newest products and I feel I just HAVE to share them with my fellow reborn artists because I know that I am not unique or alone in my discomfort when it comes to making dolls.

I am happy to report that the new line of sport bracelets and necklaces are less expensive than the gold plated ones were in the past and work SO WELL!   Seriously!

Here is the link to the seller that I bought from on eBay.
I am not promoting this seller  and I have NO interest in the company as a benefit to me, these products just work and this was a great seller to deal with:

I purchased the 6" Power Band wrist in purple  :)  One for each wrist.
The 6" just fits my wrists.

And I purchased the Power Band necklace~in purple  :)   It is a "one size fits all".  

Friends, if you suffer from neck, wrist and back pain, these products work as well as any drug, without side effects.  

I swear by them and have for years.  I have tried the "magnets" that you can get at the drug/department store as they are less money, but they do NOT work, so it is a pure waste of money. 

For $96 for all three items, I am pain free even after 7+ hours of rooting.

A serious investment in your comfort  :)  


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