Thursday, March 6, 2014

TNGUN dolls are guaranteed :)

The warranty on my dolls is pretty simple.
If something goes wrong within the workmanship of my dolls, I will do whatever I can to fix it.
(If something should go wrong with silicone or vinyl, I will do what I can that is in my power to fix that also but I cannot guarantee a sure fix.  In this field, there are things that can go wrong that were never expected.)

In 2011, I painted a couple of dolls using blush colors from the same mixed pots, changing each one just a little bit.  

The dolls that were painted with these blush colors had lost their blush over time.  

I do not blame the paints nor am I concerned that the paints "fade" which is a big scare for people regarding air dry paints.  These paints have proven to be steadfast to me, except for these few times.

It certainly was artist error in how I mixed the paints.  I suspect I had too much water, diluting the pigment too much.  Which also would have diluted the medium so that the medium could not do it's work.

I have not had the problem before these dolls, or since. 

This is the most recent one that needed re-blushed.  She is on her way back home to her mommy as of today.

Re-meet Bess!

Bess is the "Dimples" sculpt by Melissa Palesse.
I LOVE this sculpt and have one in my own collection  :)  

This customer also had a silicone doll that she bought a long time ago (not from me) that needed a repair.

His zip tie was on so tight around his neck that the tie cut into the flange of his neck till it was more than halfway through!

I bought a special and expensive product and am happy to report that his repair was successful!  
I did not take any pictures of him.

This time, his head will be attached on with much less pressure on the zip tie.  

Have a glorious Thursday!

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