Monday, March 10, 2014

Let's talk about rooting

I have been rooting doll heads now for over 9 years.

Seems like it should just go without flaw after all that time, right?


I began rooting the Noah custom order head last week.
I have had awesome success on my last 5 or so dolls using the 42g PINK needle that came from Germany.  I even used it on silicone dolls with no problem.

So, I began rooting Noah with the same pink needle.

Heat the head more.


Heat the head even more.



So then began the search through the zillions of needles that I have and many different textures of a similar color of mohair that I wanted to use.


I simply could not find the proper match of needle to mohair to vinyl!!

That was last week.  I was ready to throw the doll across the room!

After a break over the weekend, I felt a bit more confident facing the dreaded BIG head.

And I did find a needle and mohair combination that worked with this particular head and vinyl.


So what I am saying is that there is no ONE SOLUTION or combination that works for each and every doll.  They are all unique, just as we are, and you just have to go through the work, and sometimes frustration, until you find the right match.  

I do not have a science for it.  

I do not have a solution for it.

One just has to go through it and find the answer.  

And once you do, the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful!

Off to root a head now.



  1. Thank you sooo MUCH Debbie for explaining this to me as I know you have before but this time in more detail! I hate that you went through all that aggravation but am tickled pink that it's not just me going through that aggravation LOL... hey, if I ever find the BEST solution, I'll be sure and share my secret after 3457348957 needles broken lol... Love all you do for us artists... again, you are amazing at what you do! Thanks for the inspiration! I know my perfect needle, vinyl and mohair combo is out there somewhere! :D
    Huge Hugs from Melissa at Dollipop Productions

    1. Hahahahaha, oh you delight me Melissa!
      3457348957 needles broke! LOLOLOLOL!

      I am right there with you!