Sunday, March 30, 2014

Baby Noah is a......


I love a good re-birth story.
Especially when the doll writes it.

When my 2014 New Years Day Drawing Winner, Gloria, accepted her win, she told me that she wanted the Noah sculpt.

She told me that she did not care which gender I made it but that if it was a girl, she wanted her to have MY name  :)  
And that if it were a boy, she wanted him to have my favorite boy's name.

Of course, I did not see how I could make Noah a girl, even though I have seen others do a beautiful job turning Noah into a girl.  

It wasn't until I took the second WIP pictures that I saw a girl!
And I didn't mean for that to happen.

In the meantime,  Gloria and I chatted back and forth on Facebook regarding boys names.  
She didn't think that Noah looked like my favorite boy's name of Ian so we tossed more names around.

We left the conversation with a boys name still hanging, although we both liked the name of Logan.

I continued to work on baby Noah and was thinking for sure that he would be a she.

Until I trimmed the hair!  Then it was really hard for me to see girl.  

These are some ("selfie") pictures I took just AFTER I finally decided on the gender, but I was not going to release it yet.  Almost everyone said that Noah would be a boy.

What sealed the deal for me on a girl were these two things:

Gloria expressed her desire to have a baby Debbie.
I went back and looked at my own baby picture~the one taken in the hospital.

Many baby girls don't look very girly.  
Even though Noah could very easily be a handsome boy, I present to you
Debbie Lynn!
(And her mommy is OVER THE MOON with her!  Debbie Lynn should arrive home tomorrow.)
In order to save space on the blog, I am going to keep these pictures small.  Please click on each one to view it full size  :)  

I am very proud of my little mantra!  

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