Sunday, March 2, 2014

Took a day off

Earlier in the week, my husband suggested that I take Thursday off so that we can go to the city to tend to some vision and medical device issues and shop.

Right now, we are like the rest of the world, working 5 8-hour days a week and trying to cram everything that we have to do into the two days that we take off.  

Since we are taking riding lessons on Friday's and for some strange reason this house still needs cleaned, laundry done etc, it makes our two days really exhausting for me.

Even though it's hard for me to take any time off as I feel so far behind already, I will admit that having three days off was good for me.  

Shopping all day on Thursday, horse training AND a quick house cleaning, began laundry and a night out with our adult kids on Friday left me with an open day yesterday (well, after I finished the laundry).  I COULD have worked...and I did a teeny bit by listing a little mohair and sending out two orders of it but I decided it would be healthy for me to play.

Oh, I guess I also "worked" by getting the dolls ready that I am taking to the luncheon where I am giving a short presentation on Thursday but then I changed 20 of my own dolls plus accessorized two others.  

That was fun and I have a new view when I walk into the nursery  :) 

So now, I am ready to get busy doing some SERIOUS rooting this week!


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