Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trying out some new products~The glue did NOT pass the test after all

I love innovation and change in the reborn/doll industry!

I've received several new products that I am getting a chance to try.

One is a rooting "pillow" that is making my work so much nicer!
I'll have to get more information on this product to see if it is available in the US as she is an artist in Germany.  My items came direct from her in Germany.
For the links below, I have asked Google to translate the pages for us.

This handy pillow is filled with the styrofoam pellets that you would find in a bean bag~very light weight and do not generate heat in your lap.  My pillow has a lovely white, satin ribbon  :)
There is less pressure on the dolls paint finish using this pillow. So far, I have not covered/protected the face of the doll head I am working on, which makes things less cumbersome to me.
I can also lay the head for the correct angle of the head to the needle and the pillow holds it securely in place.

The next item I am trying is from the same seller.  
It is a rooting needle with a cover over the stem creating comfort for my fingers and thumb!
Even though the information states that this needle is very strong (at least that is what I gain from the translation) I have so far bent and broke 5 of these while rooting my LyLy Rose head!
Heating the head is a must with this needle but I do like how it roots.  
I am using a thicker kid hair.
There are other colors and sizes available.

I give both of those products from Heavenly Illusions an A+!

I had heard about a glue that works as well as E6000 and does not smell so I gave it a try.
I purchased this glue from Nonie's Angels Nursery here in the US.

The glue did dry and was not sticky or tacky but, as I began rooting the head, the glass eyes came loose.  :(  
Was it from the hot wheat filled sock that I tucked inside the head?  I don't know but E6000 is never affected by this so I am going to have to stick with the E600 glue for eyes.
So far, the magnet and felt have not come loose.  

Original post:
I do love that the glue does not smell!  
It is thinner than the E6000 glue (it has the texture of Elmer's Glue)  and seems to dry a bit slower (meaning that the E6000 begins to set up within a few moments so that you can finalize, for example, the setting of eyes) so I don't think I'll try it with eyes that are hard to set/don't fit in the sockets well, but for everyday use, yes, it's got my vote!
It adheres to just about anything so there is no need to worry about gluing your magnets or eyes or felts etc.  And it does not smell!  Glorious!

LOOK at this innovative pacifier also from Nonie's Angels Nursery!!
The magnet is hidden inside the pacifier!
No more cutting nipples off and going through the agony of getting a magnet set just right.
I have played around with these some but have not used one on a doll just yet but I don't anticipate any problems.  The magnets are even included with each pacifier.

While you are there, check out her other small pacifiers~they are great too!  I have purchased those in the past.

I'll be receiving some new air dry paints soon.  
I have no complaints about what I use now (LDC and Art and Magic Waterborne),
I've just been asked to give these new ones a try.

I will do a photo tutorial of them like I did with the other two paints.  It has been asked of me to provide a tutorial for the beginner painter as this is what these paints are geared to.

All in a days work...and play! 

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