Friday, October 18, 2013

Sharing my Collection Friday~Mini OOAKs and new treasures

When a girl only has a few moments to play, mini OOAKs are a good choice to play with!
I can quickly select outfits, change them and pose them.

They were especially a good choice right now since I had not had time to really share the two new additions to the nursery.

Chance, a mini clay OOAK created by Sharon Ullrich, has been with me for several years.  
I had the bumble bee outfit custom made for him the same year I adopted him and while at the Portland show in August, I found this darling artist bear for him!
The bear was being sold from another collector's personal collection.

I think that Chance is delighted with his new friend  :)

Audra also got a new friend from that same show.
Again, she was being sold from a private collection, not from the artist.
 The tag on this fancy girl is "We're Bears" and the artist name is Pauline...and I can't make out the last name.  It could be Weir or Dir.  Google is not telling me much either.
She is SUPER heavy, entirely filled with steel shot.  I love that about her.
 I'm not sure that Audra wants to share her bed with the new bear.
 And she definitely does not want to share her bottle!

My friend Sally, of Sally's Monkey Business made this little panda hat for me.
OH dear....I cannot remember what my granddaughter named this little clay OOAK, but she likes the hat and it fits her just fine.

And since it's October and the frost is on the pumpkin, I thought these two should dress for the season:

I'm glad that they like their veggies!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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