Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paint complete on LyLy Rose :)

I really enjoyed painting this little one!
Her vinyl was very nice to work with and she came together rather quickly.

Her hair is in the dye pot on the stove as I type.  Sure can't wait to start rooting her!
I've got two other colors in the dye pots as well and just two more clippings of kid hair to band up.
I was able to get EIGHT ounces of kid hair banded last night.  THAT is progress!
Kid hair takes the longest to band since it's so fine but this box was mostly "new" with just a little hair taken out of it the last time that I processed so that makes grabbing the locks a little quicker, plus I stayed up late.  This is not conducive to my morning walks as I tend to then need to sleep past the time I should be out walking.  
This too shall all soon as I get the mohair done!  :)

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