Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Going to be testing a new Air Dry Paint set!

I have been asked by Special Care Nursery in the UK to test a new 
Air Dry paint system.

These paints are initially set up for the beginning reborner in mind with a full line of completely pre-blended paints.  

Take a look!

 The larger bottles are washes and mottling blushes while the smaller bottles are your detail paints.

The paints are completely ready for use, straight from the bottle; nothing to add, and as you see, need to only be stirred before use.

The paints are all at their testers now, with the general consensus that they are wonderful, but a bit too thick.  This will be corrected before the launch.

The launch is due to happen by Christmas when you'll be able to pre-order your paints.

  The Special Care Nursery website is down right now for maintenance but you can find them on

I will be painting a super-soft vinyl "Joshua" kit from Doll Dreams with my Special Care paints.

And, I'll be doing a tutorial for the beginning artist.

I absolutely intend to order the rest of the line, the pure colors and thinners, to blend my own for use on a Master Artist Series doll in the future.  The pure colors won't be available until after the new year.  Only the basic pre-blended set will be available during the launch.  

Stay tuned for future updates  :)

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