Monday, May 21, 2012

Please meet Temperance

This is sweet baby Temperance.  
She was created from the Celebration of Life Emily by Linda Webb/Ashton Drake, which makes her a true reborn.

Temperance was a good candidate for me to take to the night-time class I am taking with Evon Nather on painted hair.  This particular dolls head has a very hard inner shell making it impossible and damaging to root.  

I've given her textured hair and brows and am excited to learn Evon's methods and see this baby with light-medium colored painted hair.  

Reborning an Ashton Drake Emily/Alex combination in 2009 were the inspiration of the technique that I developed using Genesis Matte Varnish and LDC air dry paints.  Thus far, the only paints know to stick to the Ashton Drake silicone/vinyl combination were Genesis Heat Set Paints.  These dolls can acquire damage to the heads with repetitive heating so I needed to minimize the heating yet create a way for the air dry paints to stick.  Coating the silicone/vinyl with the Genesis Matte Varnish worked and I've been reborning almost all of my dolls since.  I love the texture, (both visual and physical) and appreciate how it resolves shine issues.  Lately, as is the case with Temperance, I used Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel as my medium with the LDC paints.  I do love the results!

I will also use Temperance in the weighting and assembly workshop that I am presenting on Saturday at 2PM during the show.  I will disassemble her and reassemble her for the workshop.

She will be available for adoption but will have to come home with me from the show for final pictures with her hair and the sealing of her limbs with glue as I won't be able to seal them at the workshop due to the time needed for the glue to dry and air out.  

Another baby was born over the weekend...Can't wait to show you!


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  1. Cant wait to see!! Temperance is really really cute!

    Hugs Becks